Thursday, April 2, 2009

The ADHD mind needs to take time out

The ADHD mind runs a continual marathon throughout the day. No wonder that focus is the chief problem for ADHD or that it is known as the focus disorder. Visual images flash in our heads continuously demanding attention. Not just one screen, but multiple screens. It is no small feat keeping up with all of them, but we give it our best shot, and do it surprisingly well.

Granted, it is difficult to do this, and listen to others at the same time. Others as in teachers, parents, supervisors, spouses, friends, anyone, or anything.

When you say to us in total disbelief, "How can you not remember me asking you to pick Georgie up from daycare? You looked right at me, close enough I could smell the coffee on your breath!" We really do not remember.

But, there is hope for us.

We can learn to quiet the mind. We can give our mind short breaks throughout the day. We can learn to slow the mind down and to clear multiple screens allowing focus on one. One as in the person speaking to us.

Techniques such as meditation, visualization, and guided imagery assist in quieting the mind, slowing it down. Eventually it may come to rest, lost in the stillness of the universe.