Monday, March 9, 2009

Letting Go of the Past is Easy . . . with a magic wand

Live in the present. Live for the day. Let go of the past. Erase the tapes of sordid baggage. This advice is given to us freely by friends, family, self-help gurus, and the beaten who trod the streets. Everyone. Everyone knows (but the person hurting) that this is the path to success.

Good advice. Poof! If we have a magic wand.

Considering that everything from our stint in the womb and perhaps before is recorded in the unconscious, surely the tape extends to infinity. Not sure about your tape, but if the sordid baggage contained on mine was placed in a pile, it would be impressive.

Logically, a good share of this past stuff lies forgotten in the unconscious. Some of it we couldn't retrieve if we wanted. The problem is with the stuff that we do not want. Those recordings that pop up to defeat us. The negative, abusive, self-defeating admonishments and experiences given to us intentionally or unintentionally by enemy or foe.

Included are the sayings and behaviors from parents, teachers, ministers, relatives, baby sitters, and the couple at the corner market. All those who share belief systems that have an impact on our life. Beliefs that sabotaged our past efforts of intention and continue to do so today. For example:

The rich can't get into heaven, Money is the root of all evil, Everyone in our family is big-boned (fat), You aren't good enough, smart enough, Your sister (brother) is the pretty one, smart one, or good one.

Our recordings lie behind the negative emotions and behaviors of fear, lonliness, anger, resentment, worry, depression, and guilt among others. Discovering the "writing on our wall" that lies behind a destructive emotion and behavior clears the body's energy path resulting in emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Fortunately, we do have a magic wand of sorts. Our mind. Yes, the same wand that stores and records our life. The unconscious mind, just like the conscious mind, is designed for our good.

We just need to use it.


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