Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 Reasons not to Color and Label me ADHD

Wow! Everybody and their dog has ADHD. So it seems. The label is used loosely. It's the butt of jokes, laughter and put-downs. That's enough to raise an eyebrow, however, the problem isn't the jokes and put-downs. The label itself creates problems.

  1. Blame it on my ADHD when I act impulsively, make a mistake, forget to follow through . . . blame it on my ADHD.

  2. I'm a failure because I have ADHD. Don't you see, I can't do it. It won't work, not for me 'cuz I have ADHD.

  3. C'mon, cut me some slack, it's hard for me to follow the rules. They don't apply to me, I have ADHD.

  4. Me change? That is impossible. You see, I have ADHD.

  5. I can't, I quit, It's no use, I don't care, There's nothing I can do, It's my destiny, Dude. Look around. Some people got all the smarts and know-how, the world on a string . . . look at me, I got ADHD.

Yes, the symptoms are real and they get in my way making it hard for me to do what I should. They sabotage my efforts for success. But, if I let the symptoms of ADHD control me, my entire psyche is at risk. ADHD behaviors left unchecked will destroy my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Forgetfullness, procrastination, anger, addiction, lack of self-esteem, laziness, depression, impulsive behavior, focus problems . . . can be successfully managed.

ADHD is a disorder, not an excuse. I am not ADHD. Color and label me, PAUL.


Paul Keene, KeeneHealth LLC

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