Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When it ain't workin' Don't force it!

You can take this one to the bank: You will never get results using mental coercion.

Since ADHD is a mind disorder, using mind to manage its symptoms makes sense. However, understanding how the mind works is crucial. Your mind responds to your thoughts whether positive or negative. This is good, but on the other hand, it sabotages efforts for success.

For example, let's use the common symptom procrastination. You have a project that must be completed. You make note of it in your mind, write it on the calendar, and list it as a priority on your to do list. The task is in your conscious mind as long as you think about it, talk about it, or entertain thoughts about it. The task is in your unconscious mind as well. Our knowledge of the brain assures us that once the idea of the task is accepted by the unconscious, it will act on it-make it happen. All you need is confidence and faith that tomorrow morning you will start work on the project and complete it as listed.

Sounds good until the ADHD steps in and feeds the unconscious mind negative thoughts. From whatever source, negative thoughts reflect lack of confidence, usually based in fear. Leading up to the procrastination may be the seemingly harmless thought, "Actually, I can still complete this project if I wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to start work on it." You think this with conviction and confidence and alas! the unconscious accepts the idea wholeheartedly. Even though it is written on Monday's To Do list, you can be assured that you won't get around to it until Tuesday or Wednesday.

That first thought begins the chain of negative thinking. "It's going to be hard." "I may never get it finished." "It isn't going to be right, even if I get it finished." "I wish I hadn't taken this on." And the negative thoughts, self-talk in your mind continue.

How do you change this?

Start with constructive thinking. Do not allow negative thoughts to take hold. Whenever a negative thought begins, stop it in mid-sentence by affirming the exact opposite. Giving your unconscious mind mixed signals and messages is no different than someone giving you contradicting messages. You don't know what to do, so you do nothing. Your goal is to come to a distinct, crystal clear message in your conscious mind. The unconscious will bring the message to fruition.

Coercion, will power, and mental force will not bring successful results. It takes a relaxed, confident, assuring mind with clear input to achieve desired results.

Visualization, or imagination will boost your ability to achieve. Allow no negativity while you picture positive outcomes. See it, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it-Believe it!

The work you put into monitoring, guarding, and changing your thoughts will be well rewarded. Your mind is powerful. Use it.