Friday, July 17, 2009

ADHDs Four Simple Organization Rules

Our comfort zone is what it's about with ADHD. We like our MO to remain the way it is, whether it's work or what we wear. Our way of doing things may seem weird, but we like it. When subjected to change by suggestion or force, we feel threatened and will defend our methods and procedures like a cornered wild cat.

Organization is one of the threatening things among the ADHD crowd.

I held on to my disorganized method of organization until I grew tired of looking for my stuff, and lost time, money, friends, and relationships. Finally, I discovered a few simple organization tools. These four can save you alot of anguish.

1. Use a plain ringed binder that is free of pockets or inserts to keep everything needed for school, work, and social life. Fill it with notepaper and required dividers. Attach a plastic pouch designed to fit inside ringed binders.

2. Attach all notes, messages, documents, papers and materials in your binder immediately upon writing or finishing with them. Nothing is loose.

3. Use your computer's file and folder capabilities to store necessary correspondence, research, and documents rather than printing hard copies to file; use a back up system to save your downloaded files and documents. If you need a hard copy, you can always print it for your immediate use.

4. Keep a single hole, hand held puncher in the pouch. Nothing goes into the binder without being attached to one or more of the binder rings. Punch holes as needed. Put the hole punch back in the pouch after use.

Messages, notes, schedules, appointments, goals, to do lists, addresses, phone numbers, important websites and weblinks are kept in the binder, secured by two or more of the binder rings.

Detailed steps in using and organizing the binder are explained in my article on Organization at

Quotes by Paul for your contemplation:

Do you realize how much stuff can be packed into a notebook pocket . . . and be lost forever?

If you insist on writing a message on a loose piece of paper, immediately wad it into a ball and toss it in the wastebasket. Now you will know exactly where to look for it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009